Fortune Builders Complaints

Fortune Builders is a leading education company that teaches real estate investment. We wanted to do some research about Fortune Builders and to see if there have been any complaints about the company or their education. From our research, there have been very few fortune builders complaints and they are definitely a legitimate business being featured in Inc. Magazines annual top 500 companies. They have been listed every year for the past few years and have even been ranked #1 in education.

They are also an accredited business and have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. So what complaints have there been about Fortune Builders? Interestingly, most of the complaints have been from people that are voicing an opinion about education companies in general. Many have not actually done business with Fortune Builders. The few complaints from people that have worked with them seem to be related to the amount of information they provide at their workshops. Educational value is subjective so there will allows be a few complaints but given the amount of people they work it’s quite impressive how few complaints there are out there. Fortune Builders has responded positively to complaints and rectified the issues for the customers.

From the research I’ve done on Fortune Builders complaints, there are a few but the company is solid and does provide a unique system and resource for building a real estate business. They have a track record and they are definitely worth a look if you want to get into real estate investment

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